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licensed music without payment to RCS and WIPO

If music for Your customers is played in a shop, restaurant, beauty salon or gas station, then in the legal language it is called “public performance of musical phonograms are published for commercial purposes”. According to the rules of the current legislation, this type of activity requires payment of remuneration to the right Holders.
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The “Eritcom” company will grant You a License for public performance of music included in our catalog, and will make all necessary contributions to the Rightholders.
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LLC "Eritcom" works in strict accordance with the Laws of the Russian Federation, including in the field of copyright, so RCS and WIPO can not have any claims against You.
In the case of a check by the CMO notify that you have a contract with "Eritcom" and grant our license.
CMO - Society of Collective management of Rights
how it works
How to increase sales in the store? Use internal advertising and properly selected background music!
The appropriate background music is a simple and affordable marketing way to increase sales in the store. Psychologists have long proven that music affects the mood of customers, encouraging them to make more purchases and easier to part with the money. Also, with the help of background music tempo, you can speed up or slow down the movement of buyers on the trading floor, depending on Your specific marketing tasks. High-quality background music will complement the overall design style of stores, will be an important factor in the recognition of Your brand, increase the loyalty of Your customers! Our music editor will create a single standard for the entire chain of stores or an unique style for each object, and will make not only different dynamics playlists for use at different times of the day, but also thematic collections for the holidays, as well as time to update the audio content.

Psychologists have long noticed that music has an impact, acting at the subconscious. Important matched rhythms, sounding in the store. Having heard music, a person unconsciously adapts to it. In the sales area plays a calm, measured melody and buyers are starting to move and choose the goods in the same rate. If in the store plays cheerful melody, the person increases activity, he begins to visit more quickly a large number of departments, making a lot more purchases..

Лицензионная музыка без выплат в рао и воис

The selection of musical accompaniment for the trading floor is carried out by the specialists of the company “Eritcom" taking into account Your brand and the products presented, based on the tasks set before us. We find the optimal background solution taking into account age, gender, audience specifics.
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